We're taking a break for a few months for a much-needed workshop upgrade. This means you can continue to browse the website but won't be able to make any purchases for the time being. We hope to be up and running again very soon.


Our Woolly Lamps are made from sustainable and reclaimed oak and spruce. The spruce can be in its bright and natural form, or burned, brushed, and stained. Our lampshades are made from a wide range of textiles, including recycled jeans and t-shirts, as well as from organic yarns spun from nettles, seaweed, and pineapples! We also use waste material from the textile industry, including from the production of saris in India. Choose your preferred wood first, then choose your yarn.

We also make one-of-a-kind lamps when we come across an interesting piece of timber or a vintage tool that can be given a second life. 

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