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Rivers, lakes, and waterfalls: the ever-flowing popularity of resin projects

If you had mentioned a 'river' table to anyone five or ten years ago, you might have received a blank stare in return. A what table? Today, they have become the most desirable piece of handmade furniture around. The appeal is obvious - a visual treat of natural edged wood and what looks like a crystal clear river flowing down the centre, flattened and polished to a super fine finish, and perched on top of a well-crafted base of wood, metal, or even concrete. When made well, they look stunning and become an immediate centrepiece in any room as a dining table, a conference table, a desk, or as a coffee table. 

River tables are undoubtedly eye-catching, but the process of resin pouring has additional benefits. As the resin seeps into cracks and gaps, it helps to stabilise the wood and slow down further movement and potential deterioration over time through natural processes. This results in a more durable piece of furniture while also adding character. The resin can flow into places where a traditional wood filler could never reach.

While large quantities of resin are required for pouring river tables, smaller amounts can be used to help stabilise and add character to individual boards that may be used as mantelpieces, windowsills, or floating shelves. In some cases the effect is quite subtle; in others it can add a dramatic feature to a piece, especially where the resin goes through the whole board, allowing light to pass through and highlight the chosen colour tint that may have been added. Colours can be chosen to be transparent, cloudy, or metallic; they can be mixed to create dramatic effects or to match the natural colours of the wood, as in this yew alcove unit where a mixture of purple and metallic burgundy was applied. 

Resin can also be used to encapsulate objects within furniture pieces or as pieces of wall art in themselves. If you have an idea about how you would like to use resin in a piece, please do get in touch to chat with us about it - we love to try new things all the time!


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